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Dancing Bonito Flakes

Fish can swim, few can fly, but only one can dance

Welcome to Yamaki USA, Inc.

We are the official home to the top manufacturer of "katsuobushi", also known as bonito flakes. All natural and nutritious, bonito flakes are dried and smoked skipjack tuna shaved in various shapes and sizes which lends to its versatility: a basis for many broths, garnishes, and used extensively as the ultimate umami flavor enhancer.


100 Years of Perfection

The history of Yamaki began in 1917, by our founder Toyokichi Kido, in Iyo-city, Ehime, Japan. We've believed in one guiding principle: creating quality bonito flakes to preserve Japan's traditional food culture. This is the secret behind Yamaki's authentic Japanese smoky and intensely savory umami bonito flavors. Easy to use, gentle on the purse and excellent nutritional value, we have focused on producing the highest quality bonito flakes for over a century. We have also carry the tradition overseas as the first U.S. company to produce both bonito flakes and dried fish powder.  




Who We Are

Yamaki USA, Inc. has expanded into the U.S. and was established in March 2018 at Forest Grove, Oregon. We have local artisans focused on handcrafting bonito flakes that are proudly made in the USA.


    Passion for Quality

    At Yamaki, we're on a mission to build and foster a community of bonito fans for life. We're passionate about our craft of bonito flakes - specializing in various shaved sizes with the best width and thickness so that it appears to dance or move when sprinkled on hot food as if swaying in an ocean current, as well as making "dashi" or a base for an umami-rich broth for common dishes such as soups, gravies, and sauces.   




    Flavors Anywhere, Anytime

    Yamaki bonito flakes will keep indefinitely in sealed bags or containers and should also be kept in the fridge after opening. Of course, as they are tasty and versatile to use, chances are they will not last long enough to spoil!




    Authentic Products

    Our customers are our primary focus. For consumer or institutional users who are looking for unique asian savory flavors, please check out our assortment of premium grade products.  

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